Double play for the Middle Infield Training Videos

Getting To Your Spot

In this lesson you will learn how to get to the correct spot at 2nd base that will allow you to be in the best position to make the first out and then go for the second out. #1 of 8. Duration: 4:25

Double Play Depth

Learn the proper distance a player can be from the bag and still have a chance to make a double play. #2 of 8. Duration: 2:30

Be a 1st baseman at 2nd

Let Jody Reed show you what to do when receiving a ball at 2nd base. #3of 8. Duration: 3:36

Foot work for the SS

This lesson Jody Reed will teach the proper foot work and follow through for the Short Stop depending on location of the ball. #4 of 8. Duration: 4:02

Inside feeds for the short stop

During this lesson, the Short Stop will learn the proper mechanics to receive a ball on the inside of the bag. #5 of 8. Duration: 2:37

Best turn for a 2nd Baseman

This lesson will show the 2nd Basemen optimal way to recieve and make a throw to second. #6 of 8. Duration: 4:24

Working the back-side

In this lesson Jody shows you how to turn a double play with a ball thrown to the back-side of the bag. # 7 of 8. Duration: 2:26

Emergency Double Play

The second baseman has gotten to the bag late, learn what to do in this lesson. #8 of 8.Duration: 3:36
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