Create a Sports Game in Silverlight Contest Results

We had some great entries, and are pleased to let you play the games yourself and see if you agree with the judges.

First Place - Hook Shot by Andy Beaulieu

Sink as many hook shots as you can in 1 minute. Sink enough and make it into the Hook Shot Hall of Fame!

Second Place - Ball Blocks by Matt Casto

Ball Blocks is a casual game where you must select blocks with each corner being on top of the same type of block. Select as many as you can before time runs out!

Third Place - John Brummel University's Blunderbuss Olympics Vol. 1 by David Sushil

Welcome, applicant, to John Brummel University, the world’s finest institution for Neo-Victorian studies! Before we accept you, we must test your proficiency with a blunderbuss. During orientation, you will compete in three heart-pounding events. In the process, you’ll experience a tour of the grounds, and share in our rich and storied history! Although we’ve been criticized as being ethically aloof, you’ll find that a full 70% of our students survive their freshman year with all limbs intact.

Other Great Entries

The remaining entries are in no particular order.

Tetris Sports Edition by Mark Dickinson

Tetris Sports Edition, its tetris but with fun up beat music and a sports theme. It has a globetrotter to help you along your way, and will cheer you on when you score some points. If your looking for a fun simple game, with a nice upbeat theme, and support from the globetrotters then this is the game for you.

BC Blitz by James Dickinson

Football BC style! All running plays. Create your own plays and play the computer.

Joust by Cameron Albert

Take part in the most popular sport of the middle ages, the joust. Armor up, mount your steed and run down your opponent.!